About shannon

Hi! I’m shannon, a 30 something Nailtech nearing retirement. Well, not exactly 30 something, unless that something is another 20 somethings. But that’s how it feels. Nobody tells you that old, doesn’t feel old. It feels, like it always has, like life.

We have 3 grown children and 10 grandchildren on their way to being grown. Also, there is a very spoiled, very smart and loving doggie who lets us live here with him. Jasper is his name and let’s face facts…he’s the one in charge here.


I am a very amateur photographer. I love to get the different shots, so I’m the one with my hiney in the air and my head on the ground. Oh yeah, and that’s my husband, love of my life, Bob taking a picture of said hiney. We’ve been married 33+ years. I also love the ocean and a bit of crafting and creating. Bob and I designed and built our home several years ago. It’s a big house and there are only 2 of us living hear now, so we are ready to downsize. We want to purge nearly everything and move to another town, in another state. Near the ocean.

This is our journey. The dance we’ll do along the way. Yard Sales, selling vehicles, fixing up this house. Come along and when we get there, we’ll wade in the ocean and see what what mischief we can get into there.