Let them eat…Dirt and Worms?

Our youngest grandson just turned 4. I’m not sure how that happened but it happened fast. When the oldest one was this age (he’s now 23) and began growing  up way too fast, I begged and pleaded finally threatening to put bricks on his head to stop him from growing up too quickly. His exasperated response to such a silly Grama was…”Grama, only God can stop me from growing up”! Yes, even at 4 he was smarter than his ol’ Grama Cow sometimes.

So, when he and his twin brothers were little I got to make them Dirt Cakes for their birthdays. But, they outgrew them and I was left without little ones for a few years. Then Chance came along and hope was renewed, but quickly dashed again when he had no sweet tooth at all, and no interest in pretending to care. But, alas, all is not lost, Caymus came along and has enough of a sweet tooth for several kids and loves all things boy as well. So Grama put in her request to make him a Dirt Cake as soon as he was old enough to enjoy it!

Most of you have probably seen them. They really aren’t a cake at all, but they are delicious and so fun. It’s layers of a pudding mixture, a cream cheese frosting type mixture and Oreo brand sandwich cookies as the “dirt” layer. Then you poke gummy worms into the “dirt”. Some people serve it in a flowerpot and stick a plastic or silk flower in it. I found a little plastic wagon years ago and I serve it with a little plastic shovel. img_6582

When I brought the cake in to the party Caymus was so excited to see his birthday cake. I held it down for him to see, he looked at me with a look only 4 year olds can give you and exclaimed “wooms”? I asked him if he’d ever eaten worms before and he said he hadn’t, so I gave him a gummy worm out of the package and told him…when it comes to eating worms…” you eat the great big fat ones, the little bitty skinny ones and then you spit out the germs!”.  He repeated it to me over and over that day running nearly all the words together. “greatbigfatones, littlebittyskinnyones and spitoutthegerms”. Oh yes, it was so much fun, he even came out to the kitchen, pulled out the garbage pail and pretended to spit something out telling me “Grama, I spit out the germs…Grama, what are germs?” img_6698

The Dirt Cake is such a fun thing to make for people because it looks like it’s for the kids, but the taste is quite suited for adults. And usually the adults have to be coerced into trying it because it doesn’t look near as yummy as it tastes. I will post the recipe for Dirt Cake in another post as this one is long enough, but if you haven’t tried it, you really should…you need Dirt Cake in your life!

Do you have a fun cake or any recipe you make for your kids or grandkids birthdays? Or just a silly dish that’s fun to serve? Tell me about your special dish and the reactions you get when you serve it.


8 thoughts on “Let them eat…Dirt and Worms?

  1. Dirt cakes are wonderful! Years ago, when my husband and I were youth leaders at our church, we did a “Survivor” party. For the lunch we served dirt cake in soup cans. The kids loved them.
    I love the idea of putting it into the wagon. Your grandson is adorable!


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