Tips to save your food from spoiling in the Freezer or Refrigerator

I want to share this great organization tip with my group because, well because it’s a great organizational tip! I love the Thanksgiving Cleanout and I think a lot of us can use that one. Also, retiring and downsizing means I need to get myself more organized and Pamela is a great one to help with that! Check out more of her tips on her blog

Bee Organized with Pamela

The Refrigerator isn’t just an old football player.  It’s the hardest working appliance in your kitchen.  This article got started while watching TV and a commercial for the refrigerator that will send you a picture of the inside so you know you are out of milk. Wow Fancy!  Anyway you know I keep a running grocery list but when it comes to dairy and fresh veggies the running grocery list does not work for our small family.  So actually that fancy feature is a great idea. Before you go to the grocery store snap a picture of the inside of your fridge.

basket of veggies photo-1418669112725-fb499fb61127

Lets talk about your fridge. Do you have containers in there that are growing mold or are fuzzy? Lets get rid of that. Leftovers should be cleared out on a weekly basis. In our house we have garbage pick-up one time per week so Wednesday night is clean out the fridge…

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