Harvest time

I got my hubby interested in photography a few years ago when my sister moved away and got married. She was my photo-venture partner. So thankfully my very patient other half goes with me and uses my old camera and he gets some really great shots. He has the patience of Job so some of the shots he gets are pretty incredible.

Our brother-in-laws’ family owns a huge farm here in Eastern Washington and wheat harvest has begun. So last weekend Bob and I were invited to go to the farm and take photos of the operation.

It was so fun, a little nerve-wracking at first as we were surrounded by all this huge equipment. They were running 3 combines, 2 bank out wagons and 3 semi haulers. If you are a city kid like I used to be, let me explain. The combines are cutting and separating the wheat. The bank out wagons are these giant wagons that the combines unload into so they don’t have to stop cutting and run to the truck every time they get full. The bank out wagon just pulls up along side and they unload as they keep moving. Then when the bank out wagon gets full, they go dump into the semi haulers (not an official term, just my term) and the semi haulers take the load back to the grain bin. There, that’s your mini farming lesson for today. Believe me, I know nothing about the whole operation except that it’s amazing to see. The photos above show the equipment.

There is a lot going on in those fields. If you thought your food just comes from the supermarket this will be an eye opener. I know you don’t think that, but some people do. It’s a huge undertaking and fascinating to watch. It looked like some kind of critters skittering around this way then that way. It was such fun and I hope to go down to farm country again and get some more photos before harvest is done, but I really wanted to share this with you now.

I would like to thank Miller Land and Livestock, Clark Miller and all the drivers for putting up with us and letting us photograph them. Also for being farmers and providing us with food to put on our tables.


7 thoughts on “Harvest time

    1. Thank you. I loved seeing it too. It’s amazing, the equipment they have now for all types of farming. My hubby farms ours and part of a neighbor’s land with small equipment. It’s hard work. I’m thankful it isn’t how we earn our living.

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