Wait, you were serious?

I know I talked about the beginning a couple posts ago. I kind of misspoke or miss-typed. Anyway, thinking about it, the beginning actually began before the beginning as described in “The Beginning” post. Got it? Good.

We, Bob and I have talked about living at the beach for years. We lived once, early in our life together, in a small town about 90 miles from the coast. Unfortunately at the time we were busy trying to build our empire, such as it is. We were raising kids, working and still getting to know each other, really. So we didn’t get to the beach very much then. We didn’t  have money then for vacations other than heading inland to Spokane, Wa., our hometown to see family. Eventually we moved home and didn’t think about the amazing coast for awhile.

You know, you go along doing what you do and time goes by so quickly. Pretty soon the kids are grown and if you’re lucky like me, you get to become better friends with your spouse again. You begin to talk, not about the kids and grades or dentist visits or bills. You talk to each other, if you’re lucky. Actually that isn’t true, it isn’t luck, at least not all luck. It’s work, all of marriage is work, and work can be very fulfilling. But, if you work together and listen to each other, that’s when the luck comes in and you and your ‘best friend’ begin to dream together and make plans again.

My Mom and Sister took a little trip together one year…to the ocean. We left Spokane at midnight and drove to Lincoln City, OR. We got there about 8 am. We drove all night so we didn’t miss a day at the beach. We had a ball. We laughed and talked, we shopped and watched the whales in the ocean. We walked on the beach and we giggled like school girls and I felt like I had returned home. I knew this was where I was supposed to be. The 3 of us took many more trips like that, then we took grandkids with us. You know you have to teach them the best things in life. Eventually my hubby started going with us. It didn’t bother him being surrounded by all us gals, it did take him awhile to get used to not being the boss. Not really, he just didn’t understand when we’d just turn off and drive through some neighborhood, picking out our new beachfront home. Or up a hillside we’d go just to take a photo of some old dead tree. It took him awhile to come around to seeing that this was just part of the fun. Then something magical happened, HE turned off the beaten path, down a winding road, just to see what we could see.

As happens in life, the grandkids grew, my sis met a man, got married and moved away. My Mama passed away so now it’s back to just Bob and me going to the beach every year. Turning off those main roads, just to see what there is to see. We began talking about moving to the coast when we retire. I thought it was just talk. But, earlier this year, we sat down and really talked about it. He will retire in a little over a year, both our parents are gone, our kids are grown so we have no obligations keeping us here after next year.

Bob started purging. I mean anything that wasn’t tied down in the shop. Actually even some of that was being packed up…sold. He sold a whole trailer load from his shop and barn. And he kept going! I feared for the dog and myself! I tried to talk to him to slow the roll. “You don’t want to get rid of this, or that, you’ve had them longer than I’ve known you” I told him. He hit me with a good dose of reality then, telling me “you’ve wanted to do this for years and now that I’m ready you’re dragging your feet”! It’s only a year till I retire we have years of collecting to get rid of.

Wait, what? You’re serious? I really didn’t think he’d ever really do it.

So, here is really “The Beginning”. We have so much to do. We have to get rid of all this stuff. The beach is calling, the salt air is wafting and the ocean is waving. I have to go, I have yard sales to do, rooms to paint and beach bungalow shopping to to do.


Now this is an adventure!














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