…so, let’s have a yard sale!


Deciding to have a yard sale was easy. We’ve decided it every year for so long I can’t remember. Oh we’ve actually made it to the having stage a few times. I like having them. We usually have 3 or 4 people from different parts of the family doing them with us. So then, after the planning, picking a weekend, finding good sale stuff, the advertising, making signs, getting change, cleaning the good sale stuff, finding tables, carrying it all outside, setting up, pricing everything, then you can sit around and visit whilst the folks roll in and lay out their bucks for your “good sale stuff”. Right? Yeah, not at my house either. But that’s what my mind thinks when I say let’s have a yard sale.

But, if you’re going to downsize you have to start somewhere. So this year, after much discussion of this retirement adventure and finally believing that The Bob (hubby) meant it and really is serious about moving to the beach. We got serious. We dug through all the old boxes and found all the good sale stuff. We cleaned and sorted, piled it in a corner then decided on a date. The weekend was nearing and the weather reports got worse. The night before we were still unsure how to proceed. It was supposed to rain all day Friday. Luckily, we have a wrap around deck and we set the tables with our goods on there. Bob had tons of tools, farm tools, carpentry tools, mechanical tools.

The man has tools! It poured rain, and people came. They stood in the rain and talked and talked, and they spent money. The hubs stood in the rain and sold his wares. He had to change his rain coat so many times. One in the dryer, one in the rain. We stood under the deck cover and snickered at the rain dripping from his nose. We quit laughing that evening when he pulled out his roll of cash. Maybe rain and tools go together well. Hmm, who knew? Evidently, Bob knew.

The sale went well, by the end of the weekend we had made a small dent in our downsizing endeavors, and evened out the cash rolls a bit. It all goes to the same kitty, but it was kind of fun competing a bit. Our sizing hasn’t gone down too much yet, so we’ll have another sale later this summer, but starting is the hardest part. I was afraid that I’d be sad to see some things go and as we dig deeper into the hoard of things we’ve moved from place to place, maybe I will be a little sad. But I think the beach calling me might cheer me up a little.

A little advice if you’re planning a sale. Get your bestie to come help you. I was lucky enough to wrangle mine, Thank you Beth, to come help. And it was her birthday too! Now that’s a bestie! I’m trying to figure out how to trick her into coming to help again. It may involve bribery, trickery or begging, we’ll see. She says “just tell me when” silly girl, maybe I’ll bake her a cake. Yeah, that should get her here!

Thanks for joining me, till next time…


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